Monthly Archive:: September 2010


It’s Soup Season…

Time to post my first recipe….and what would be better than good ole’ chicken noodle soup! I have always associated Fall with the beginning of “soup season”. Nothing takes the chill out of the air like a warm, comforting bowl of soup. Enjoy with your favorite bread, and of course, your favorite


Fall Has Arrived

It’s hard to believe but Summer has officially left, and my favorite season, Fall, has finally arrived. Although we still have a month or so of heat left to endure, the highs are slowly beginning to taper off to more comfortable temperatures. Soon, I will be bidding a very happy farewell to


Beauty Revealed

Do you remember this beauty? Well I finally summoned up the courage (read: stupidity) to venture outside into Satan’s Basement (only 108 degrees today) to give her the make-over she so deserves. The things we do for the stuff we love….. Heirloom White spray paint. Miracle in a can, it is. A