Time for a Proper Entry

Hello everyone!  It has been awhile, but I think I am finally unpacked enough that I can focus on other things…like blogging!  And decorating!  And blogging about decorating!   Okay, seriously, I have some major decorating to do to this house.  We sold a lot of stuff before moving across country, so hubs and I (mostly I) have been spending a lot of time on Craigslist looking for replacement furniture.  Our first priority was a breakfast table.  Our large farmhouse table was not going to fit into the tiny breakfast nook in this house, so it has been designated to desk duty in the loft/den area, which solved one problem, but created another.  We sold our previous desk before the move, so the farmhouse table will make a nice stand-in, but we still needed something to fit into the very snug bay window/nook in the eat-in kitchen.  We were finally able to hunt down a decent table and chairs set that need some refinishing, but will work until I get around to that project.  Next on our priority list is getting our entryway under control.  Our former home had a laundry/mud room for dumping stuff, but this house does not… so everything keeps ending up in a heap on the entryway floor.  Nagging at the family to put their stuff away is not helping, (even though I think I’m the biggest offender….Shhhh!)    So of course, I have been putting together some inspiration photos, because this girl works better with a plan…
There is so much yumminess happening in these next two pictures….the beautiful patterned wallpaper, the lovely built-in storage, The colorful pottery and dishware arranged just so….(sigh)…….

 Too bad I don’t have an entire room just lying around waiting to be turned into my dream entryway/mudroom….And too bad I don’t have a carpenter at my beck and call that is willing to work for free.  Because, if I did, he (or she) would be framing out some built-ins and putting up board and batten. For Me.  For Free.  Hehe!

Now these next two are totally realistic for me.  I can pull off the board-hooky thingies, and the shelf with the baskets and possibly even the bench with the color coordinated cushion. 

And I love the mirror above the shelf, here.  It really adds something special…

I Love these next two entryways for their artful displays.  A whole wall of photography artfully arranged above a long, stylish bench.  The only thing missing?  A place to hang all our coats and scarves.

These next few are pure eye candy.  Love the drawer/bench, the cubbies, the bulletin boards, and that wonderful, chunky piece of wood mounted on the wall.

The mirror nestled in the middle is perfect for last minute hair checks before dashing out the door…to ride your bicycle (hehe!).  But seriously, I do love the artful displays above the cubbies.

Love the nautical touches here…. so….nautical, I mean wonderful. 

These last few really epitomize the look and functionality I’m after.  I Love the shelf with the coat hooks and  cubbies, the padded bench with pull-out drawers, the board and batten wall , the seagrass wall paper, the gorgeous rug….love it all. 

So, I am going to try to get this same look for my entryway. The challenge will be: how do I achieve Pottery Barn style on a Target budget? Is it possible?

I just had to throw these last two pictures in just for the heck of it. 

I cannot stop drooling over this shelving!

Photos 1-6 BH&G, the rest, Pottery Barn
I do love a challenge…stay tuned to see what I come up with!
Take Care!

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