Entryway Reveal

Hello everyone, it’s good to be back!  I had to take a longer than anticipated blogging break to help get my kiddos caught up on all of the schoolwork they missed while they were sick.  They have state standard testing this week and I’m hoping they are prepared enough!  Let me tell ya, we have all been busy little bees.
On a different note, I am excited to say that I am finally finished with the entryway makeover I posted about here.  It only took me forever….but, the important thing is that it is done and that part of the house is organized.  Here’s a little sneak peak….
I was inspired by these pictures from Pottery Barn…
and these great entryways from BH&G.
I love the long, comfy benches and the basket filled shelves above.  And of course, the coat hooks are a must….
Sadly, I do not have a PB budget,  so in an effort to keep down the cost, I repurposed my dark wood furniture that we brought with us from Arizona.  I have a beautiful farmhouse table with two benches that doesn’t fit in the dining space in this house.  Instead of putting it in storage, the table has been re-purposed for use as a desk in the den/craft room and one bench found a home at the foot of my bed.  The other bench was a perfect fit for the entryway.  Here’s what the entryway looked liked before…
The bench was definitely useful, but not very organized.
And certainly not pretty to look at.  Here’s what it looks like after its makeover:
I already had the seagrass rug so I moved it into the entryway.  I added a shelf, some coat hooks, and a couple of large baskets for storing small stuff like gloves, scarves and umbrellas.
A pillow was added for sitting on while putting on shoes…
And some accessories were added ….for fun



One more picture before:


And after:
Entryway problem solved.

What do you do to keep your entryway organized?

Until next time,


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