Craft Room Update

Progress has been slow in the craft room makeover, but I thought I would share a few pictures of the progress that has been made. My inspiration came from this floral fabric, that for some reason can’t quite seem to find a permanent location in my home (ah-hem, hubby thinks it’s too girly).
If you’ll remember, this room is being decorated on a very tight budget, so I am using mostly things I already own. The farm table and bookshelves came with us from Arizona, as did the two PB pillows I found at Goodwill, in great condition, with the down feather inserts included. I know what some of you are thinking (yuck!), but you need not be afraid; down feather pillows can be machine washed.

  I started the room makeover by clearing out as much of the clutter as possible (you can see the before pictures here). Because the room has no closet, I knew that the space under the farm house table would be a perfect area for storage but I didn’t necessarily want to see all of those file boxes and the paper shredder, so I decided to make a skirt using a queen size sheet that was also thrifted. I know… you are thinking yuck again, but a good washing in hot water with a little bit of color- safe bleach completely sanitizes.  And sheets come in lots of pretty patterns, they’re wide and seamless, usually need no ironing, come with completely finished edges, and you get a lot of fabric for your money, especially when they are thrifted!  As you can see, this sheet coordinated nicely with the thrifted pillows and had the added bonus of a pretty lace border on one side.



I set to work cutting my fabric to fit, then sewing rod pockets big enough to accommodate my tension rods.


Once the fabric was sewn, I put the curtains on the tension rods, then popped the rods into place.

Check out all of the storage space gained by this one simple project!


And, there was enough fabric left to use on my Command Central project (see that here)!


I hope this inspired you to look at bedsheets in a different way; they can be used for so much more than sleeping on (think curtains, pillow covers, shower curtains, doggie bed covers, doll clothes, casual table cloths, the list goes on and on….)
Now onto the next project…..

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