Time for a Proper Craft Room

Wow, where did the month of March go?  Is it just me or did it fly by at supersonic speed?  I’m thinking that April is the month I’m going to attack my next big project!  New month = new craft room! 
The house we are currently living in has a quirky loft area that has been sorely neglected, simply because we haven’t known how to decorate it.  When we moved into this house, we knew this space was going to need to accommodate both a home office as well as a ”craft” area for me to do my sewing and other projects.  As you can see from the pictures, besides being an absolute mess, this space is ripe with decorating challenges.

 Challenge number one:  Size.  It is a bit on the small side.  The room measures 14′ x 10′ and must accomodate a seven foot long farm table and two bookshelves.  

Challenge number two:  Shape.  Long and narrow, with sloped ceilings on either side. 

Challenge number three:  Only three walls and a railing that overlooks the great room and kitchen below. The room and its contents are completely visible from the first floor.

Challenge number four:  Brace yourselves, this is a big one… no closet.  That’s right, there is no storage of any kind.  I was hopeful that the small door on one wall (seen below) would lead to a usable attic space, but it was not to be.  The space behind the door is unfinished and unusable.  Boo hoo….

After living with this space for a little while, I think I am finally ready to take on this challenge and turn this room into something both beautiful and functional.  The following are some pictures I have gathered for ideas and inspiration: 

I love the feel of this room.  The white, chippy woodwork, the worn, wooden desk and the serene color palette.

distressed custom shelves have a cape cod theme
HGTV Website
HGTV Website
This attic space is both beautiful and efficient….

I love the painted floors!  And the pretty, sage green file cabinets work for both their intended purpose, and as an extra work surface. 

Check out that shelving unit, full of coordinating storage containers!

What a great solution for an awkward and unused space.  This is a coffee table turned into a sweet little bench seat!  It even pulls double duty with a large basket for extra storage.  Love it!

BH&G Website
This craft area is tucked into a spare closet, an excellent solution for small spaces.
                                           small house tour
                                            BH&G Website
This room has a Parisian feel to it…. feminine and pretty!

Armoire behind desk

 BH&G Website
 I love the natural feel in these next two rooms.  Woven sea grass rugs and baskets, fresh florals, and pops of color.

                                            Build a Desk

                                       Double shelf with flat drawers beneath hold baskets and craft supplies 

Both photos BH&G Website
If bright and cheerful is what you want, this is the room for you!
 A Place to Create

I love the following room!  Lots of organization, functional work surfaces, and soothing wall colors.

Crafts room desk area

Storage-Savvy Crafts Room
Great Wall of Storage

Clutter-Free Craft Room

 BH&G Website

 While I like all of the above rooms for different reasons, the following rooms are really more my style.  I love the white shelving, neutral colors and vintage accents…
Shelving unit as craft station

 BH&G Website

Great work table, amazing colors, pretty baskets for clutter control…. sigh.

Perfect Office Setup

 BH&G Website
This room has a fabulous vintage/industrial feel.

Pottery Barn Website
 Ahhhh…. love it all!


Pottery Barn Website

 I hope you enjoyed the inspiration photos!  Please come back soon to check on my progress as I turn this neglected, awkward space into a functional and beautiful room (on a budget)!
 Until Next Time,

*Sorry for the crooked photos and bad spacing…. I messed with Blogger for an hour trying to fix it, to no avail!

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