Comfy Custom Bench Cushion

Hello, thank you for stopping by!  It’s been a busy week spent finishing up a few projects and starting a couple of others.  Not to mention planning for Thanksgiving!  No wonder I’m so tired!  Speaking of projects, with the painting and picture frame molding finished, I’m finally able to move on to the fun stuff… decorating!  I picked up a buffet and hutch off of Craigslist, thrifted a few accessories, and have been on the lookout for a cushion to add to our dining set bench.  I’ve loved the ease of cleaning this bench, but now that the kiddos are older and slightly less messy, I figured it was time to invest in a padded cushion (we like a little tush-cush around here).


DR Bench 1-1-8


While browsing the internet for something that might work for our longer- than- average bench, I was a bit discouraged by the prices and decided I would DIY my own cushion.  Thankfully, the decorating Gods intervened and, one day, while frequenting one of my favorite discount stores, I came across a stack of these in the clearance section.


dining room bench cushion

They were meant for outdoor use, but the fabric was nice and soft, they color was perfect, and the extra-long size meant I could trim them to fit my longer than average bench.  And with my 50% off coupon, these babies only costed $5.00 each!  Way cheaper than making one myself.  I quickly snatched up three, (two will be used in a future project), and bolted to the check-out line.

Once I got home with my cushions, I set about shortening one of them to fit my bench.  The process was pretty simple:

  1. First I measured and marked the cushion to fit the size of the bench
  2. Next, I added a couple of inches and cut the fabric portion only, of the cushion, leaving the foam alone
  3. Then I pulled the fabric back to my original mark, and cut through the foam.  I just used regular kitchen scissors and slowly cut my way through.
  4. Last, I pulled the fabric tight , cut off the excess, and stitched it up.


dining room bench

Dining Room Bench


Dining room bench


dining room bench


Not bad for $5.00 and a little bit of time!  Have you ever made a similar type of cushion?  Just curious, was it worth the effort, or would it have been easier/better to buy one?

Thank you for spending your time with me!

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