Dining Room Makeover Mood Board

Hello, thank you for stopping by!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  My weekend was busy, but productive.  We managed to get most of the important stuff (kitchen, bathrooms) unpacked and put away, completed some paint touch-ups in the kid’s rooms, and even started tackling the next big project:  the dining room.
dining room mood board rustic refined seaside colorful curtain sunburst mirror

Dining Room Mood Board

Our home’s over-all decorating vibe is “rustic-refined-seaside-farmhouse-cottage”.  A mouthful, I know, but the best way I can describe the look and feel I’m going for.  I like a lot of different styles, so I decided to mash them all together and see what happens.  Anyways, back to the dining room….

It’s one of the rooms we didn’t have time to paint before we moved in and, because it’s visible from the freshly painted living area and kitchen, the deep burgundy walls will be the first thing to go. This room has some lovely features, but it also has quite a few challenges to incorporate into the new design.  Let’s start with the lovely, shall we?

  1. A nicely sized, wood trimmed window that lets in a lot of natural light.
  2. Trey ceiling with crown molding.
  3. Travertine tile floors.
  4. Decent square footage  (11×12).
  5. Custom chandelier.


Dining room before

Dining Room Pros



And the challenges?
  1. That nicely sized window is off-centered .
  2. The window trim is painted a lovely shade of pink.
  3. The walls are painted burgundy and clash dramatically with our new design direction.
  4. The crown molding is painted burgundy to match the walls and will need completely re-painted.
  5. The crown molding needs to be caulked.
  6. The tile floors are scratched and need a good “buffing”.
  7. The custom chandelier is not our style.
  8. Two of the dining room walls are “half walls” and I’m not sure how to incorporate them into the design.

Dining Room Cons

Here are a few more inspirational pictures:
Dining Room Holly Mathis Interiors

Source: HollyMathisInteriors.compictures for the room:


I love her style!  The grey walls, rustic furniture and colorful fabrics make me swoon.



The same goes for this rustic-chic room from BHG….



And this simple farmhouse dining room from PB.


My ultimate goal is to create a rustic – yet – refined dining room that is comfortable and cozy while incorporating furniture I already have, and finding the rest of what’s needed, on a budget.  Whew, that’s a tall order…

Do you have any tips for blending rustic and refined?  How about inexpensive ideas for accessories and artwork?  I would love to hear your suggestions.  I hope you’ll come back to see my work in progress….


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