Sunburst Mirror Makeover

Hello, thank you so much for stopping by!  I hope you all enjoyed a nice, long holiday weekend!  I certainly did.  I’m grateful to have had the extra time to catch up on my housework and get the last of the Christmas “heap” packed away.  Unfortunately, I didn’t quite get around to finishing my master bedroom “refresh”, or even start on the bathroom projects I had planned to do.  I am making progress, just at a much slower pace than anticipated.

Need some proof?

Well here you go!

sunburst mirror metallic paint makeover

Remember those home decor items I scored at Homegoods a couple of weeks ago?  One of those items was this great sunburst mirror.  I’ve been wanting one for my master bedroom since… well, since about 2010 when I first spotted them in blog-land.  So happy to say that I finally have one of my very own!

I just wasn’t quite happy with the color of the frame.

I wanted one like this…

sunburst mirror



Or this…

sunburst mirror



So I broke out the metallic craft paint and a glass of wine, and before I knew it, I had this…

diy sunburst metalic paint makeover

Just don’t look too closely, or you’ll see all the paint on the edges of the glass because someone was too relaxed lazy to tape off… (I love me a good D.I.Y-ine project).

I may go over it one more time with an antiquing glaze, so it’s not quite so shiny.  Oh yeah, and some Windex, too.

See… progress!

I’ll see you again soon, (hopefully with a finished room!)

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