Pillow Covers Made From Cloth Napkins

Did you guess what project I’m using these awesome World Market napkins for?

World Market Napkin

If you guessed pillow covers, you are 100% correct!  I know it’s not the most original idea, but if you’ve priced the cost of pillow covers, you would definitely see the appeal of making your own.  And cloth napkins are just the right size to sew together  and pop in an 18″ pillow insert, for the perfect size throw pillow.  I actually had a tutorial planned for this post, but due to some computer issues, I haven’t been able to get all of the photos edited.  Instead, I’m leaving you with a few teaser photos in the hopes that you’ll pop back in next week to see how I turned these cloth napkins into inexpensive pillow covers.

Pillow covers made from napkins

Pillow covers made from napkins

Pillow covers made from napkins

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