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Talented Tuesday Link Party #26

Wow guys! We’re already at #26 for the Talented Tuesday Link Party! I’m so excited that our little party has grown so much in such a short amount of time! That being said, Meaghan has an exciting new venture and will be leaving Talented Tuesdays within the next few weeks. While we


Talented Tuesday Link Party #25

Welcome back to another edition of the Talented Tuesday Link Party! I love seeing what you’ve all been up to! This weekend I was checking in from beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico! I tagged along on hubby’s business trip, and while it was fun to get away, I always enjoy returning back


Talented Tuesday Link Party #24

Welcome back to another edition of the Talented Tuesday Link Party! Each week it gets harder and harder to choose my favorite features! You all are so talented, I literally resort to Eenie Meenie Miney Moe to choose my final three! Sad, I know, but otherwise, I’d be staring at these features all


How To Care For Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

I know the Fiddle Leaf Fig has made its rounds through the blogosphere, but honestly, I get so many questions regarding mine that I thought I’d do a long over-due post devoted to this finnicky little guy. I’m not at all kidding when I say these plants are finnicky – almost to


Talented Tuesday Link Party #23

Welcome to April guys! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday spent with family and friends! Spring is in full swing around here and I just loved seeing all of your spring posts and projects last week! Last week I finished up my Spring Dining Room refresh, adding simple touches


Spring Dining Room Tour

 If you’ve been reading here for awhile, you know that I love to decorate my home for the seasons (check out my summer, fall and holiday tours). Spring comes early to Arizona; trees start to bud in early February, followed by shrubs and flowers in early March. I’m so grateful for our mild