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Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, filled with love and appreciation for all the mamas in your lives! I enjoyed spending time with my mamas, and being spoiled by my own kiddos! Even with all of the festivities, I was able to spend a little “me” time planting some herbs for an upcoming collaboration with some fellow bloggers.

Herb Garden | Home Remedies

Whilst my little herb garden is tiny, I loved getting my hands in the dirt and have long dreamed of an actual garden, with beautiful flowers, and enough food to sustain our daily vegtable requirements. I spent a little time last night perusing Houzz (did you know they have an extensive Outdoor section?) and found some lovely inspiration photos to share with you all.

I just love the above photo, and if these kinds of flowers and plants would survive in the desert, I’d be planning my borders right now! I also love the brick paver sidewalks – these actually could work in my space.
Oh how I love a garden gate! This one has the loveliest arbor covered in climbing roses.
I love the creativity of this garden. Not enough ground space? No problem, use a wall!living-roofs-inc-copy


Or a roof!

This landscaping would actually be doable in my area. I might have to substitute a few of the plants for heat-tolerant ones, but I love the varying textures and heights of the plants used here.

Mediterranean Landscape by Morro Bay Landscape Contractors Gardens by Gabriel, Inc. 

This garden is similar, but with a few more pops of color.


And how about this for a vegtable garden? Yes, please!


Being the daughter of a stone mason, I certainly appreciate the craftsmanship of these beautiful stone walls used for creating raised beds.


I think I could fit a couple of these style vegtable beds into my landscape….


Or even these smaller beds with little “sections” for different plants.


How fun are these metal containers used as beds? Love them!


Of course, pretty pots filled with colorful blooms are always a favorite – and fairly easy for those of us with black thumbs!


And lots and lots of pretty pots is even better!


Of course, a pretty patio surrounded by lush greenery is also on my wish list…

As is a comfy place to lounge.
I’ll take a firepit, any day! I love the ambiance they add – not to mention that it’s a little unexpected in an outdoor patio space!
It’s always fun to dream, isn’t it? What’s your idea of the perfect garden?
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