Choosing Living Room Chairs

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know I’ve been looking for a pair of chairs for my living room area. We’ve been “making due” with a Craigslist chair that I picked up with plans to re -upholster, but lets face it, that project won’t be happening anytime soon. In the meantime, the whole family is a bit tired of looking at said chair with a sheet thrown over it, looking all shabby and derilect, not to mention it’s a little embarrasing when company comes over. I have my heart set on something tufted, in a linen-type fabric, preferably cream colored or light gray.

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I’ve been gathering ideas for chairs that might work for my space, and thought I might share what I’ve found, in case any of you are in the market for something similar.Chairs Raven-Vanilla-Club-Chair-05f55370-dee3-4887-beeb-f9ddad7edf64_600


This is the chair I’ve been envisioning for my space. I would love to have a pair of them, sitting side-by-side with a small table between them. This particular chair is from Overstock and has a price tag of $486.99. Unfortunatley, it is currently out of stock, and way over-budget for me. I did happen upon a similar chair this weekend at Marshall’s, for considerably less money ($259.99) and brought it home to see how it looked in my space, but we’ll talk more about that later.

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Here are a few more contenders that I found on Wayfair. While all of them are tufted and come in cream colored fabric, I’m having a hard time deciding which style would best suit the space. I love the look of a high-backed chair, but I feel like it might close off the room too much, as the backs of the chairs are the first thing you would see upon entering the room. 

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These beauties can be found at Pier One. All of them are beautiful, but I know that I need something on the smaller side, in order to fit two of them into the space. That cute barrel chair (#3) could definitely be a contender! 

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World Market also has some great options, for reasonable prices. I love that some of these are carried in my local store, so I can ”try it before I buy it”, and if I like it, I can bring it home, same day.  

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And last, but not least, Target. I was pleasantly surprised by Target’s online selection. I’m seriously loving that slipper chair, and at $140.99, it’s one of the most affordable options that I’ve found, so far! I do wish it came in a “creamier” color, though.


And now; back to where we started, with the chair I brought home from Marshall’s. I seriously love the shape and scale of this chair, but the color is not really working for me. While the fabric color is beautiful, it just doesn’t quite work with the lighting, and other furnishings in the room (it’s a little hard to tell in this photo). Don’t forget that I’d like two of these, and after calling every TJ Maxx, Marshall’s and Homegoods in the Phoenix metro area with no success, I’m not sure I’m willing to wait around hoping one shows up, eventually. I’m going to give it a few days, and really think it over, but right now I’m leaning toward one of the options above. I’d love to hear your thoughts – should I keep it, or continue looking? Which one of the above options do you like best?

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