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Time for a Proper Craft Room

Wow, where did the month of March go?  Is it just me or did it fly by at supersonic speed?  I’m thinking that April is the month I’m going to attack my next big project!  New month = new craft room!  The house we are currently living in has a quirky loft area


Time for a Proper Entry

Hello everyone!  It has been awhile, but I think I am finally unpacked enough that I can focus on other things…like blogging!  And decorating!  And blogging about decorating!   Okay, seriously, I have some major decorating to do to this house.  We sold a lot of stuff before moving across country, so hubs


Framed: Master Bedroom

With our move to Virginia getting closer every day, I have been busy going through closets and getting rid of anything that I don’t absolutely love and/or see the need to haul across the country. Hubby and I tackled the garage right before he left for Virginia, and the result is a