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Entryway Reveal

Hello everyone, it’s good to be back!  I had to take a longer than anticipated blogging break to help get my kiddos caught up on all of the schoolwork they missed while they were sick.  They have state standard testing this week and I’m hoping they are prepared enough!  Let me tell ya, we have


Time for a Proper Entry

Hello everyone!  It has been awhile, but I think I am finally unpacked enough that I can focus on other things…like blogging!  And decorating!  And blogging about decorating!   Okay, seriously, I have some major decorating to do to this house.  We sold a lot of stuff before moving across country, so hubs


Look What I Found

Look what I found out thrifting today……..for just $2.50. Isn’t she a beauty? Okay, maybe not yet, but she will be, with a couple of coats of paint. Right now = shabby. Right now + two coats of paint = Shabby Chic. Just you wait and see……………