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French-Shabby Chair Makeover

                               The kids are back in school after a very fun-filled Spring Break, and I’m back to working on my craft room makeover.  As I’ve mentioned before, progress is slow, as I’m trying to complete this project with very little money out of pocket.  I’m mainly re-purposing things I already have, sewing


Command Central Gallery Wall

Last week, in an attempt to clear out the loft  for its transformation into a craft room, (read about it here) I found the inspiration I needed to complete a mini-makeover on another area of our house.  I love when that happens!  The area I refer to is actually the staircase wall where


Cost Breakdown and Thoughts on Japan

Hello friends. I apologize for the long absence.  I have been directing all of my emotional energy towards Japan for the past few weeks.  My youngest brother and his beautiful wife, as well as all of her family, live in and around Tokyo.  Thankfully, they all managed to escape serious harm from the


Entryway Reveal

Hello everyone, it’s good to be back!  I had to take a longer than anticipated blogging break to help get my kiddos caught up on all of the schoolwork they missed while they were sick.  They have state standard testing this week and I’m hoping they are prepared enough!  Let me tell ya, we have


Framed: Master Bedroom

With our move to Virginia getting closer every day, I have been busy going through closets and getting rid of anything that I don’t absolutely love and/or see the need to haul across the country. Hubby and I tackled the garage right before he left for Virginia, and the result is a


Beauty Revealed

Do you remember this beauty? Well I finally summoned up the courage (read: stupidity) to venture outside into Satan’s Basement (only 108 degrees today) to give her the make-over she so deserves. The things we do for the stuff we love….. Heirloom White spray paint. Miracle in a can, it is. A