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Pretty Spring Mantel

Hello,  I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!  I just wanted to put together a quick post so I could join the Easter Mantel party over at Censational Girl. My mantel has been neglected for quite some time so I shopped my house and found a few things to pretty it


Framed: Master Bedroom

With our move to Virginia getting closer every day, I have been busy going through closets and getting rid of anything that I don’t absolutely love and/or see the need to haul across the country. Hubby and I tackled the garage right before he left for Virginia, and the result is a


Beauty Revealed

Do you remember this beauty? Well I finally summoned up the courage (read: stupidity) to venture outside into Satan’s Basement (only 108 degrees today) to give her the make-over she so deserves. The things we do for the stuff we love….. Heirloom White spray paint. Miracle in a can, it is. A


Look What I Found

Look what I found out thrifting today……..for just $2.50. Isn’t she a beauty? Okay, maybe not yet, but she will be, with a couple of coats of paint. Right now = shabby. Right now + two coats of paint = Shabby Chic. Just you wait and see……………